Overweight women earn less, get passed over for jobs, says new study

As if this were a big new discovery. Overweight people have known for years that they are discriminated against. Even other fat people don’t want to be around fat people. Which is getting harder and harder to accommodate being that two out of every three of us are overweight. It’s pretty tough to find skinny people to hang out with these days that aren’t already taken by some other fat person.

Next thing you know, everyone will be fat and no one will get that great new job or that next promotion. Then where will we be!

Greg Arnold

Here is that article:

Those extra pounds can hurt you at work, ladies
Overweight women earn less, get passed over for jobs, says new study
By Chad Brooks, LiveScience Contributor

Packing a few extra pounds can hurt a woman’s salary and even her ability to get a job, mounting research shows. Yet while women tend to get penalized by the pound, men don’t, and perhaps they even gain from girth.

The effect has been found in the United States and elsewhere.

Using data collected in Iceland, one new study examined the association between excess weight and employment. The study found a slightly negative correlation between weight and the employment rate of women, and a slightly positive correlation for men. The results were published in the March issue of the journal Elsevier’s Economics and Human Biology.

Iceland was selected because it has the greatest level of gender equality in terms of health, education, business opportunities and political participation, according to a World Economic Forum study of 134 countries.

A 2009 study in the United States, which then ranked 31st in terms of gender equality, also found weight can be a drag on a woman’s earnings.

“There does seem to be a penalty for women,” said University of Michigan professor Edward Norton, who conducted that study. Overweight women “seem to be paid less.”

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