Ribeyes, Roquefort dressing and personal choices…

country_kitchen_ribeyeWhen I was a kid I used to love those special occasions when my parents took us to The Country Kitchen in Portland, Oregon.  To this day, I think they serve the best steaks on planet earth, possibly the universe.  My parents always ordered their salads with Roquefort dressing (a fancy french name for blue cheese dressing).  So that’s how I ordered mine.

To this day, I still love the thought of one of those mouth watering steaks and salads to go with it.  For what I believe are valid health reasons, Pattie and I quit eating meat and dairy about six months ago.  We also do some exercise each day.  Do I feel better?  Heck yes.  And my blood sugar and blood pressure both normalized too.  I believe the health benefits we perceived would happen have materialized.

These are our personal choices though.  I certainly wouldn’t fault you if you’d like to add The Country Kitchen to your bucket list.  It’s completely worth the trip.

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