Seven Steps To Mega MLM Success

I remember a few years ago when I felt stirred when someone said “How would you like to have been one of the first people in Amway?” as they were speaking of the ground floor opportunity they were promoting. At the time that sounded pretty powerful. But frankly, the first several thousand in Amway didn’t make much of anything. Amway exploded on to the scene with the arrival of Dexter Yeager 8 years after they opened.

Truthfully, most people who were there at the beginning of Amway simply didn’t position themselves to take advantage of the growth when it happened. The ones that did, reaped huge rewards.

I don’t know how old or how big your Network Marketing company is, but chances are, you can still have a huge impact on it’s future growth. How can you make sure that you are in position to take advantage of this growth? Follow these 7 steps exactly. Remember, if you are left out in the cold, you were given the opportunity right here, right now, to change your entire life!

1. Get on an autoship for at least 100 points in your company’s products. Leaders lead the way. Huge volumes are built on autoship. If you aren’t on it, don’t expect to have anyone believe you when you tell them what a great opportunity this is or how wonderful the products are.

2. Show the opportunity and products to at least five new people each week. Prospecting is the life blood of your business. You can’t build a business by talking to one person every two or three months. Hand “First Look Packs” (a company CD or a book or some other information pack) to at least 5 new people each week to show them the plan. Consistency and persistence pays off in a very big way.

3. Attend every company convention, team function and event. Socialize with your fellow team members. Get training, learn to win, sharpen your axe, powerfully build your team through event promotion, get lots of it on you. Stay excited! The masters build in and explode out of events. Become a master at using events to grow your business.

4. Read motivational books and listen to motivational audios. Get a positive-on. You can’t change what you’ll be until you change how you think. Books and audios let you converse with the best of the best.

5. Never, never, never, never make excuses to your self or anyone else. Excuses don’t change the performance. Be personally accountable!

6. Never, never, never, never quit. It takes time to build a business. The foundation building part of your business takes the most time and is the most important part of assembling your championship team. The second you stop, you kill your momentum. Be committed to the process for the long haul.

7. Three-way your prospects into your leaders or locally take your leaders to the field with you to do 2 on 1 presentations with you prospects. Two on one sponsoring is powerful. If you aren’t doing it, you are missing out on taping into a huge power source!

That’s it. The more you are committed to these 7 fundamental steps of your business, the more likely it is you will be at or near the top when the dust settles. Will it be easy? No. Will it be worth it? I guarantee you, when it’s all said and done, and you’ve grabbed your brass ring, it will be so good that you’ll feel like you would have paid ten times the price.

Position yourself for greatness, it’s worth it!

Greg Arnold

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