Swinging for the fences….

We all know that Babe Ruth struck out far more times than he hit home runs. What do we all remember him for? Donald Trump in his book “The Art Of The Deal” basically says he is successful because he works a lot of deals at a time and all of them are big deals. Most of his deals fall through but all of his deals that go through are very big. Why? Because he swings for the fences every time.

While it is human nature for others to put you down when they see you strike out, don’t you dare join them. It’s important that you get back up to bat and swing for the fences all over again. You can strike out 50 times and that’s ok as long as you keep swinging for the fences. If you don’t you’ll never hit a home run. But if you keep swinging, your homer is coming. You can take it to the bank.

Last year I took a big swing for the fences. I had a lot of people believe in me. In the end I struck out. Because I chose to reimburse everyone the money they paid for advertising with me, it will end up being a $124,000 strike out. For months all I wanted to do was hang my head in shame. I had failed. A lot of people didn’t like me anymore. However, I was by far my own biggest critic. One day a close friend named Travis pointed out to me that in my last three ventures before this one that I had built two network marketing teams of over 12,000 distributors and another one that reached over 5000.

He reminded me that I wasn’t a loser, I just swung for the fences and struck out. He asked me if I was going to let that define the rest of my life. Well, I’m back swinging for the fences again. I’m pretty sure that I’ll put together another team with thousands and thousands of members in the coming months.   I’m also sure that we will help to develop a few superstars along the way.  That is what I do.

Why am I talking about my big failure? Because we all do it. The important thing is for you not to let your strike outs define you. Keep swinging, your life depends on it. Losing is really nothing more than quitting too soon, or never really getting started. You only get one shot at this thing called life…but you get tons of trips to the plate along the way.  Swing for the fences.

Greg Arnold


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  1. We all have those things that we are less than excited about sharing. But when you do, as you have just done, it lifts the pressure we have put on ourselves about the issue. And more than likely you’ll find that other people are now inspired to let go of the albatross around their necks as well.

    I look at this as a public service announcement to admit to ourselves that what ever our own personal demon has been, let it go. It’s time to start swinging for the fences again.

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