The best part of waking up is a home based business in your cup

At 17 I had dreams, I was excited about the future. Most of us are that way. As we get older though, life happens and things change. Maybe it starts with the realization that we have to show up at work everyday. Maybe we begin to get that pit in our stomach on Sunday evenings knowing that another work week starts in the morning.

Over the years we get tied up in bills and having to use credit to keep up with that awful Jones family. Vacations become staycations, a new BMW becomes a used Chevy and a 4000 square foot dream house becomes a huge mortgage on a 1500 square foot 80’s fixer upper with a basement. As life changes, we get older. Older means we quit dreaming because in our minds thoughts of the future don’t go with thoughts of how great it’s going to be.

Well, I’ve discovered a solution. It’s really more like the fountain of youth and it works every time. It’s called home based business or network marketing. I’ve noticed that no matter how old we are when we start our home based business, that dream mechanism kicks in. As we start to dream again, we start feeling younger, more vibrant, 17 again. There is just something about having something great to look forward to every morning.

It’s true…The best part of waking up is a home based business in your cup! If you haven’t tried it, you’re really missing out on something special.

Greg Arnold

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