The biggest factor in your success or failure: YOU

Most of your opportunity for success in any MLM is about you.  How much time you put in, how enthusiastic you are about learning the skills needed to be successful, how much money you are willing to invest in your business when needed.  

As a general rule those that end up saying it’s a waste of time really didn’t put any in.  Those that say it is a waste of money didn’t spend any.  Those that say it’s a scam rarely look at themselves for the cause of their problems.  There are exceptions to these general rules, but they are pretty much exceptions.

Joining any MLM is somewhat fool hardy unless you check out the company first.  Do some things as simple as type the company name and the word scam in a Google search, see what if anything comes up.  Check with their local BBB, Chamber of commerce and their state’s Attorney General.  These are quick, easy things you can do in a fast common sense search.

To your success,


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