The Power Of The Binary…

The power of the binaryOne of the more interesting things I hear these days is “I hate binary pay plans.”  Why, I ask.  “Because you can have a huge team and not get paid anything on it.”  What do you mean by that, I ask.  “Well, I was once with a company that had a binary pay plan and after a few months, one of my sides was producing thousands of dollars in volume but I wasn’t getting paid anything.”   How many people did you introduce to the business, I asked.  “Nobody.”

Yes, in a binary compensation plan it is possible to do nothing and still have thousands of people in your organization doing tens of thousands of dollars in volume, without you making anything.  Just like with all other pay plans, if you work, you get paid, if you don’t you won’t.  It’s just with a binary, there are only two legs and one of them will probably grow from the combined efforts of those above you.

And that’s too bad if you aren’t working.  You’ll see what could be happening if you were, and that may make you feel bad.  On the other hand, that’s also the power of a binary.  Since you get paid in unlimited depth, you could make an awful lot of money.  The reality is, you only need to have two studs on your team; one in each leg.  If you’re fortunate to be under a stud team who is building one of your legs in depth, you really only need to find one stud to grow the other leg with.  And it isn’t even necessary for you to have personally sponsored that second stud.

That stud may be the recruit of a recruit of a recruit.  They might be 20 or 30 people deep.  It really doesn’t matter because, again, you det paid in unlimited depth.  That’s why binary pay plans tend to have the highest paid distributors in the industry participating in them.  The truth is, binary pay plans are the ultimate team plan.  It is truly the definition of a lot of people doing a little bit and a few people doing a lot.  Once you have two legs working their way to China, your personal efforts don’t mean as much in the big money making picture.  Your business simply grows without you.

Winning in a binary is really about getting an upline mentor and do as they do for a year or two.  Is there work involved? Yes.  Will it pay off for you if you keep at it?  Yes.  Is it worth it?  Only you can answer that.  Is it worth a couple years of real effort to change your entire financial picture?

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