Three Red Flags

My three major RED FLAGS if I am speaking with someone for the first time about their business and they feel it necessary to bring these up as part of their sales presentation.

1. “Trust me!” I have never dealt with anyone who has said this in his/her presentation who hasn’t later proven to be untrustworthy.

2. “I am going to make you rich!” Yup, you guessed it, these guys are looking to make one and only one person rich.

3. “I am a born-again Christian.” This one may sound strange. I am a Christian too, but I never use this as a selling point. Those that do, it’s been my experience have proven later to act like anything but a good Christian in their business dealings with me. I want to be clear on this one. I am not saying that my business dealings with Christians have worked out badly. Just the ones who feel they have a need to express it during their initial sales presentation to me.

Just my three major red flags when people say them during an initial business presentation.

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