Tie a knot and hang on…

Tie a knot and hang on…

Yes I am with a networking company part-time. Never mind which one. I do 100% of my marketing over the internet, not face to face, not in social media. That said, Pattie and I tied a knot months ago. That was it. Short of them going away, for better or worse, we chose our horse to ride.

Here are things we have discovered on this journey; things the company does still piss us off, people still say no, it still costs money to market, things still don’t always go our way and I’m frustrated most of the time (my own fault). Funny all these things seem to be a constant with every company.

But when you aren’t going anywhere else and you know it; you always look for solutions rather than at problems. In finding those solutions, your business lurches forward. It’s always better for working through the problems.

Do you believe greener pastures solve your problems, or are you committed to tending your own garden? I think that if you are to enjoy the fruits of success, you’re probably going to have to learn how to garden.

Greg Arnold

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