To convention, or not to convention, that is the question…so what’s the answer

Except for about a year of my recent life I have always built my business either using direct mail or the internet. I just don’t care for opportunity meetings, having people come over to my house to pick up product or face to face recruiting. Not that there is anything wrong with those methods of building, I just don’t care for them.

So my company has their annual convention this weekend and you might think I wouldn’t want to go. Frankly, I’m excited about it. I know I will see and meet a bunch of people that I’m excited about being with. I know that the company will put on a blockbuster show that always gets my blood flowing. I know that there will be some exciting announcements that are best experienced in person. I know that I will learn several valuable things that I can use to enhance my business.

Will I enjoy the crowd? Probably not, but I can’t expect the company to do a dry run in my living room either. Are conventions worth going to. The real question should be, is your business worth enhancing? To convention, or not to convention? What a stupid question! Of course you attend conventions…mostly because you and your family are worth it.

Greg Arnold

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