Todays kids are too lazy to get fat!

Danger, don’t let your kids go to school within a block of a fast food restaurant! The latest study shows that they are much more likely to be fat than kids who go to school more than a quarter mile from a fast food joint. It seems as our kids are too lazy to get fat! If you keep them a few blocks from a fast food establishment, they won’t walk there on their own.

You know, I’ve always thought it was a shame that our youth today won’t go get a job, but it seems as though the same mechanism that is driving them to stay away from a punch-in clock will keep them skinny too. That is unless you are buying them a bunch of chips and sodas and processed instant meals so they don’t need to go to a local Micky D’s for their fat and sugar fix.

If you want to read about the study, it’s down below. As always, I’m just your humble messenger with a somewhat twisted slant on the news.

Greg Arnold
How to quit shopping in the plus size isle…

Proximity to Fast Food a Factor in Student Obesity
Published: March 25, 2009

“Ninth graders whose schools are within a block of a fast-food outlet are more likely to be obese than students whose schools are a quarter of a mile or more away, according to a study of millions of schoolchildren by economists at the University of California and Columbia University.”

“The study, a widely circulated working paper of the independent National Bureau of Economic Research, marks an intensive effort by economists to determine whether close geographic proximity to fast food plays a causal role in obesity…”

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