Veterans Day 2011, May God Bless Our Kids Abroad

My family has been serving our country that I know of since the Civil War.  My father served in the south pacific on a mine sweeper during WWII.  I was in the Army in the late 70’s and my wife Pattie also served in the Army in the Desert Storm era.  I appreciate the service of those who stood for something bigger than themselves.  During wartime or not, they took the responsibility for our freedom squarely on their shoulders.  Some paid the ultimate price for their commitment to our country.

Today two of my children serve their country.  My son Zeke is in the Air Force.  He is 25 and has done four tours of duty in Afghanistan.  As I am writing this he is on a flight home.  Pattie and I are so excited he will be with us for Thanksgiving this year.

My daughter Patricia (22) is an MP in the Army National Guard.  Her unit is now serving in Afghanistan also.  As you might imagine, I am very proud of my kids, words simply cannot express how much.  However, as a father, I am constantly in fear for their lives when they are 6000 miles away and I can’t be there to protect them.

Parenting is a blessing and a curse at the same time.  Your kids give you the greatest of joy all the time and at times, they give you the greatest of worry.  I guess that is all part of love.  May God keep them safe.  May God keep all our children safe in these difficult times.

Greg Arnold

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