Watch out MLM world, I am wrinkled hear me roar

Americans’ confidence in being able to afford a comfortable retirement has hit an all-time low. Thanks to tough economic times, state and local budget woes and rough financial markets, more than 1 in 4 Americans currently in the workforce say they’re “not at all confident” about retirement, an increase of 5% over last year.“…Gail Buckner

More and more Americans approaching retirement are starting to believe that retirement is a myth. Many have seen their investments evaporate along with their corporate pensions and their real estate values. The age wave just keeps moving. Over the next 20 years some 75 million people will begin drawing their Social Security checks. Can WalMart possibly hire this many greeters over the next 20 years?

I’ve been a part of the network marketing or home based business industry for over 35 years. In that entire time it has always been difficult to attract people over 50 to our business. For the most part their dreams had turned into putting the finishing touches on their retirements or scaling back so they could indeed retire by age 65. They certainly were no longer perusing the dreams of their youth.

Over the last two years that has changed dramatically. Now, more than ever, I have people who are over 50 contacting me to see what can be done about their financial challenges through home based businesses. Because I am 55 we connect on so many levels. I find it fascinating that these hard working people have a much greater sense of urgency than their younger acquaintances, family members or co-workers.

They get it that they need to choose the right company for the right reasons. They know the power of mentoring and they always display a great work ethic. They know they have to start making it happen now. Mark my words; The 50 and older crowd is the next generation of powerful network marketers.

I know, you’re thinking; What happened to generation Y? Well, I love the young guns spirit, but they still have that fatal flaw of believing they are immortal. They think they have lots and lots of time to get it done. The opportunities they choose only have to meet their two main priorities of being ultra-fun and ultra-cool. If they can’t get the entire business presentation inside of a 3 minute movie trailer…it isn’t going to fly with them.

If you don’t buy into any of this that I am saying…I’m completely good with that. If you do, here is what my fellow 50 and older crowd are looking for. A simple plan that not only works but they can see themselves working it. It can use technology. Yes we do Facebook and you might even catch us texting and Tweeting. But the business can’t be all about or dependent on technology.

Because most of us quit worrying about being cool a long time ago, results mean everything to us. We care about the plan, the tools, the effectiveness, the profitability and just how much common sense it has. We’re big into common sense. We may be a pretty down to earth bunch, but you know what, we’re the ones with the work ethic and 40 years worth of common sense, credibility and valuable contacts.

Baby Boomers are the next power brokers in our industry because MLM may just be the new Social Security. We’ll succeed because we have always expected to succeed and acted on those expectations. Don’t think a little thing like losing 40 years worth of investments is going to keep us down. That is going to be the very motivation that makes us climb back to the top again.

Greg Arnold

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