Which MLM company is best…

I’ll be the first to say that my MLM isn’t the best. After 34 years in the business (not with the same company) I can confidently say that when it comes to identifying the very best company in the industry…I’m clueless.

Products: My company works for me because the products helped me to change my life. Notice I didn’t say that the products changed my life. With the success I have had with my products it has been easy for me to be an ambassador for my company and products.

Pay Plan: I am of the firm belief that there are a few really bad pay plans out there but most are fine. Bottom line with all good pay plans; If you work you’ll get paid, if you don’t you won’t.

After that, as long as you stay on the offense; actions towards sponsoring, gathering customers etc, you will have success with your company and it is a better company for you than mine is.

The second you go into management mode; looking at problems, worrying about back orders, whether your check is 8 cents off, stupid stuff like that, you are on your way out with your company. At that point, if I happen to show up on your doorstep, so to speak, my company will be better than yours. Why, because I am happy with where I am at and you aren’t.

You get what you’re looking for; look for problems and what’s wrong, you’ll find it. Look for what’s exciting and fun, you’ll find that too. Be careful what you’re looking for.

I’ve probably done a bad job of convincing everyone that my company is the best one. Oh well, how about I just say that my company participates in an awesome industry and let’s leave it at that.

Best of success to you,


Greg Arnold is a successful network marketer with over 30 years experience.  During that time he has been a top level distributor, a company CEO, and a consultant.  He enjoys being a distributor most of all because of the time and financial freedom it provides.

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