The Beer Diet…Why can’t they make low carb beer with blueberries, resveratrol and cocoa flavanols to help the rest of us stay thin?

The Beer Diet…Why can’t they make low carb beer with blueberries, resveratrol and cocoa flavanols to help the rest of us stay thin?

The big problem with dieting for hundreds of millions of red blooded Americans as I see it is the lack of beer in them. Who the heck can maintain a healthy eating lifestyle if beer isn’t a part of it. I don’t mean to belittle or demean all of the finer folks who enjoy a nice glass of wine with dinner, but you’re all idiots.

If water is the staff of life, Then wine needs to be made from water. Of course you have to realize that only one guy who ever lived could turn water into wine. After that batch, no one has ever done it since. On the other hand, you can learn how to turn water into beer from a thousand different recipes! Anyone can do it. That’s why drinking beer brings us all closer to God.

So it seems as though the only thing missing from beer is a good recipe for a great tasting, low carb, healthy beer that dieters can drink by the bucket load and still lose weight. I ran into this article (below) and it got me thinking. I know, Greg and thinking don’t really play well together, but here I am, doing it anyway. I think this is the solution that will change the world. Why not make a beer with blueberries, resveratrol and cocoa flavanols, only make it still taste like beer.

That way we could end obesity as we know it in a matter of a few short months. It also seems to me we would all be a lot happier too. Being hungry makes us grouchy but drinking beer makes us happy. This is the idea that could get us all closer to God and make us thin and happy all at the same time. Plus, as a bonus, if we were all thin and happy beer drinkers, it seems like there would be no reason to spend 38 billion dollars per year on weight loss products. Then we could all afford big screen TV’s. And, after all, what goes better with a big screen TV than Beer!

Just a thought…a brilliant one I might add!

Greg Arnold

Here is that though provoking article:

Blueberries, resveratrol and cocoa flavanols aid weight management goals

(NaturalNews) A wealth of new scientific evidence shines a critical light on the importance of natural foods and nutritional compounds in the fight against overweight, obesity and weight maintenance. Virtually all alternative health experts agree, the current epidemic of weight control issues plaguing western society are the result of excess consumption of highly processed convenience foods that have replaced vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds in the diet. Three independent studies conclude that blueberries, resveratrol from red grapes and cocoa flavanols exert a potent effect on fat cell formation that can aid in weight loss and management goals when included as part of your daily diet…

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