Why processed gluten free foods will still make you fat…

The words “gluten free” have become music to the “I want to be thin” hopeful.  Some nutritionists even think the entire answer to obesity lies in the words gluten free.  Not so fast.  Gluten is a protein that about 1 out of every 133 people have trouble digesting. They call it celiac disease.  While it’s true that celiac’s shouldn’t eat glutin, it isn’t the glutins that make us fat.  As James Carville told then candidate Bill Clinton so many years ago, “It’s the carbs stupid.”  Or something like that.

So if a piece of regular bread has 15 carbs, so does a glutin free piece of bread.  Be careful; Processed foods that are normally high in carbs are just as high in carbs in the glutin free versions.  In other words, they’ll still make you FAT!

Of course the food industry doesn’t want you to know this.  They know that we are buying into the glutin free scam in record numbers.  Just like we bought into the fat free scam in the 1990’s.  Back then, they simply added high frutose corn syrup as a flavor substitute as they removed or reduced the fat.  The problem is, high frutose corn syrup turns into fat as your body tries to digest it.

So here we are again.  It’s the same old story.  You want to get thin and you’re dieing to find that silver bullet…well, it simply doesn’t exist.  We didn’t evolve to take in and properly digest so many carbs and sugars.  The only bullet available to you is cutting down on your carb intake and stop eating so dadgum much sugar!

Anything short of that and you’re falling for the food industry’s crap all over again.

Greg Arnold
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