Why would I want to join your business when you have to work on Sunday?

I call people on Sundays on occasion.  I do three-ways on Sunday.  I work on web pages on Sunday.  I sign people up on Sundays.  Heck, I’m writing this blog on a Sunday.  Every once in a while someone asks me why they would want to join me in my business when I have to work on Sunday’s.

I’m always amazed at that question.  They don’t see that I’m not building my business on Sunday because I have to, I’m building on Sunday because I love what I’m doing.  I almost never know what day of the week it is.

Still, I’m sympathetic for people who start to feel sick to their stomach at about 7:pm on Sunday evening because they have to go back to work in the morning after a weekend off.  I remember those days.  I loved 3:30 in the afternoon on Fridays, knowing I would be off work until 7:am Monday.

Friday nights were my favorite because I had the whole weekend in front of me.  Then I loved Saturday mornings because they always felt like freedom.  Sleeping in as long as I wanted was like heaven.  Then Sunday morning was great because I could read the sports section in bed with a great cup of coffee.

But I hated Sunday evenings more than I disliked any other time of the week.  Anticipating Monday morning was worst than Monday morning itself.  My stomach would begin to grind.  I knew I had to get to bed early, but I wanted to stay awake as long as possible to delay the inevitable start of my day the next morning.  Sunday night was my weekly time in hell.

Now I almost laugh when someone asks me if I have to work on Sunday.  I know in just a few hours on Sunday evening, their feelings about Sunday are going to do a 180 and their guts are going to begin to let them know that tomorrow begins a new week in corporate servitude.

Gosh, I love that I love to work on Sundays.

Greg Arnold

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