Expectations Control Your Universe

greg_arnold2Art Williams was another one of my mentors. He said that you pretty much get out of life what you expect out of life. I’ve come to know that your expectations are far more powerful then your desires.

You can set all the goals you like, but if they aren’t in line with what you expect to really happen, there isn’t any way they’re going to happen.

We are slaves to our expectations. Learn to manage those and you control your universe.

MLM Gems

greg_cartoon_headAs an MLMer, I do what I do and attract others that want to do the same. Many people see your biz opp through your words and actions first. If they like you and your approach to the business, they’ll be leaning your way when you talk to them about it.
I’m ok with people in the industry who are novices who don’t know any better as well as the self proclaimed gurus who know “everything.” It’s all part of what makes our business fascinating.
I really love the conversations I get to have with MLM people who are real though. People who are truly impressive but don’t feel the need to impress me. Those moments are the gems.

The Power Of The Binary…

The power of the binaryOne of the more interesting things I hear these days is “I hate binary pay plans.”  Why, I ask.  “Because you can have a huge team and not get paid anything on it.”  What do you mean by that, I ask.  “Well, I was once with a company that had a binary pay plan and after a few months, one of my sides was producing thousands of dollars in volume but I wasn’t getting paid anything.”   How many people did you introduce to the business, I asked.  “Nobody.”

Yes, in a binary compensation plan it is possible to do nothing and still have thousands of people in your organization doing tens of thousands of dollars in volume, without you making anything.  Just like with all other pay plans, if you work, you get paid, if you don’t you won’t.  It’s just with a binary, there are only two legs and one of them will probably grow from the combined efforts of those above you.

And that’s too bad if you aren’t working.  You’ll see what could be happening if you were, and that may make you feel bad.  On the other hand, that’s also the power of a binary.  Since you get paid in unlimited depth, you could make an awful lot of money.  The reality is, you only need to have two studs on your team; one in each leg.  If you’re fortunate to be under a stud team who is building one of your legs in depth, you really only need to find one stud to grow the other leg with.  And it isn’t even necessary for you to have personally sponsored that second stud.

That stud may be the recruit of a recruit of a recruit.  They might be 20 or 30 people deep.  It really doesn’t matter because, again, you det paid in unlimited depth.  That’s why binary pay plans tend to have the highest paid distributors in the industry participating in them.  The truth is, binary pay plans are the ultimate team plan.  It is truly the definition of a lot of people doing a little bit and a few people doing a lot.  Once you have two legs working their way to China, your personal efforts don’t mean as much in the big money making picture.  Your business simply grows without you.

Winning in a binary is really about getting an upline mentor and do as they do for a year or two.  Is there work involved? Yes.  Will it pay off for you if you keep at it?  Yes.  Is it worth it?  Only you can answer that.  Is it worth a couple years of real effort to change your entire financial picture?

My Morning Jog, Every Day Shufflin…

greg_arnold2I jog around the neighborhood in the mornings.  Many of you know that about me.  I lead what most would call a sedentary lifestyle.  I sit at my desk much of the day.  In the mornings though, I’m a road warrior.  30-40 minutes a day I’m out pounding the pavement.  The secret of long life is eat right and just keep moving.

My plan is to still be doing this when I’m 105.  Do I run very fast?  Noooo.  That’s why I call it jogging.  I used to think I ran fast until one day this Air Force guy walked right past me while I was out burning up the pavement. Humbling to say the least.

Now I’m wondering, how many of my old high school class mates are at their old playing weight and still jog every day?  Besides, I have 40 years on that Air Force guy, I’m supposed to be a little slower…aren’t I?

Fried chicken…

fried chicken

Fried Chicken, yum, yum

Truth is, I love fried chicken.  Having grown up in a family of Arkansas born and raised parents, my mom fried great chicken.  When I married Pattie, I suspected she could fry chicken too.  She was born to Arkansas born and raised parents too.  Surprise, surprise, surprise, she could make wonderful fried chicken.

Today, every time we go into a grocery store I ask her if she’d like to pick up a bucket of fried chicken, only $5.99 for eight pieces.  Heck at WinCo, you can get 12 pieces for only about 8 bux.  But she always tells me no.

I wonder if it’s because we switched to a plant based diet about a year ago.  I guess there are some benefits to being over 100 pounds lighter.

Ribeyes, Roquefort dressing and personal choices…

country_kitchen_ribeyeWhen I was a kid I used to love those special occasions when my parents took us to The Country Kitchen in Portland, Oregon.  To this day, I think they serve the best steaks on planet earth, possibly the universe.  My parents always ordered their salads with Roquefort dressing (a fancy french name for blue cheese dressing).  So that’s how I ordered mine.

To this day, I still love the thought of one of those mouth watering steaks and salads to go with it.  For what I believe are valid health reasons, Pattie and I quit eating meat and dairy about six months ago.  We also do some exercise each day.  Do I feel better?  Heck yes.  And my blood sugar and blood pressure both normalized too.  I believe the health benefits we perceived would happen have materialized.

These are our personal choices though.  I certainly wouldn’t fault you if you’d like to add The Country Kitchen to your bucket list.  It’s completely worth the trip.

Be A Do It First Kind Of Leader…

cat_and_lion_mirrorIf you’re running around looking for people to follow you, frustration will surely follow you for the rest of your days. When it comes to building your MLM business you have to be a do it first leader.

If you’re wondering what kind of team you’re going to attract, go look in the mirror.  If you aren’t happy with that, change to guy looking back at you.

If you want to attract active, hard working, show up every time, autoship participating, people loving, give first kind of team members, you have to be an active, hard working, show up every time, autoship participating, people loving, give first kind of team leader.

In other words go do it first, do a lot of it and don’t worry about what anyone else is doing.  Do that and you’ll attract the kind of people who will naturally align with your work ethic.  Do it first and everyone else follows.

Increase you value to society…

greg_cartoon_headWant more money?  Offer more service.  Things are worth what they are worth.  There is no shortage of people who will trade their time for very little money.  I respect anyone who works for a living.  Many who work two jobs get double that respect level.  But there is a whole world out there that will pay you more money just to increase your value to society.

You could say “I don’t know how to do those higher paying jobs”  Well, you could learn.  After all, there was a time when you couldn’t say “would you like cheese on that” or flip a burger either.  My son spent 6 years in the Air Force learning to work on planes.  After he got out he took a training class so he could pass his FAA A&P Certification class.  That way he could do what he already knew how to do on civilian planes.

Then he put in over 500 applications to find a job in his field.  Now he is a very high paid professional.  He paid the price to increase his value.  There are a million other examples of what has been done and can be done today.  Want a raise, go get it.  More money is waiting for you if you’re willing to increase your value to society.

A brief history of resolve…

900_pound_gorillaWhen it comes to winning in business, any business, challenges are our friends.  Inevitably there are roadblocks on the road to success.  There simply isn’t a smooth, straight highway to the accomplishment of your business goals.  In fact, if all you face on the way is a few hundred potholes and a 900 pound gorilla that wants to peal you, you’re lucky.

I have no idea if it’s supposed to be that way or not, it just is.  If you want to succeed, you’re going to have to deal with it.  The great thing about these challenges are, in dealing with them, your business always gets better as you solve them.  You never go backwards in the process, you always go forward.  So in a way, the best thing that can happen for your business is the challenges you’ll have to overcome.

So, show me a business success story and I will show you the history of resolve.  The resolve to hang in there and take on all comers.  I’ll show you people who get knocked down, but always get back up and continue the fight.  Resolve is your key to success.  Without it, you’ll accomplish nothing.


If you’re addicted to romance, you’ll probably never find the love of your life…

romance_heartI’ve met a few romance addicts in my life.  They never seem to have long term relationships.  They’re always moving on.

There are a bunch of romance addicts in MLM too.  The company on the other side of the hill is always more attractive than the one they’ve already joined.  Let’s face it, all companies suck about something.  They all have problems.  They all could be better.

On the other hand; people who build wealth in MLM always stick with one company long term and keep building in spite of the problems.  Or as Tom Big Al Schreiter says, they choose the company they’re going to have their problems with and keep on building.

Chances are, if you’re addicted to that feeling you have when you’re looking for a new company and learning about their products and pay plan enough to keep you moving from one company to the next all the time, this really isn’t the kind of business you should be in.  As long as you’re more thrilled with the romance then you are with the day to day making it happen, you’ll never be truly happy.